Looking for makers and crafters to lead workshops

One of the favourite parts of A Summer Squall is our ‘making marquee’ on the harbour, which provides activity all day each day for individuals and families to join in with. It’s been a great way to get people across generations to make and share, as well as contribute to the festival as a whole.

As in previous years, we will be holding arts activity workshops on the harbour. This year’s festival theme is ‘Rebellious Elements’ and we’re looking for activity leaders with boundless energy and ideas to run those workshop sessions. We would, of course, provide all the support you need in terms of materials (or the costs of them) and willing helpers! The workshops will be in full swing between 11am and 5pm each day and will involve artists and community members in individual or communal art or craft projects (the fruits of which could possibly be used during the Parade which forms the grand finale of the festival on Monday 25th). We have ideas of our own (based on Thanet’s glorious Viking heritage and our maritime status) – could you get people making shields, or a wonderful sail for the boat? We welcome your own ideas, we’re open to suggestions and are looking for hands-on creatives to bring ideas to life. Anything can be considered (as long as it isn’t actually dangerous, illegaor or shiver-me-timbers expensive)!

Each workshop ‘slot’ lasts for 2 hours, with 3 per day. We have a second workshop space to make boats to bring to the parade, which we also need people to run.


Col’s Viking boat for Squall 2013

Maritime Volunteer Services boat

Maritime Volunteer Services at the finale in 2013

If you’d like to join the Squall, please contact us through info@ramsgatearts.org and if you’d like an informal chat, call Suzy on 07939 542990. We will be able to cover a contribution for each workshop, as well as material costs.