Theatre Royal Margate Party Day



If you’ve never been inside Margate’s Theatre Royal before, take the chance on this entertaining Party Day and find a whole world of wonder and interest….

Award-winning author Geraldine McCaughrean will be there for our Party. She was asked to write a book based on the theatre and researched with Margate people to create ‘The Positively Last Performance’. She will do a reading at 2pm, followed by a signing. She has written over 150 books for young people, published by Oxford University Press.

Find out about the Writing Squad for ages 13-17 and take part in a workshop led by Geraldine McCaughrean. Find out what a drama workshop involves, with Martin Gibbons of the Youth Theatre, with sessions for under 12s or teenagers/adults.

Take a backstage tour with the theatre’s Technical Manager Jay Thomas and find out how lights, sound and flying works!

Find out fascinating information about the theatre’s history and past actors with Ian Chapman.

There will be free refreshments and various prizes throughout the day. It’s suitable for children, adults and families, just come and join the fun!

The theatre is in Addington Street, near Hawley Square. Open from 10am – 4pm.

Find out more at or 01843 292795 / 296111

We’re grateful to the Turner Contemporary, New Writing South and Oxford University Press for supporting the day.