Team Info

Ramsgate Arts became a registered charity in 2012. Ramsgate Arts Festival Ltd is managed by a board of Trustees:

Jeni Butler    |    Janice Gibbs   |   Pamela Hardiman   |   Clive Holland   |   Suzy Humphries   |   Richard Oades   |

Our creative strategy is led by the trustees. Our events and projects are led by Project Groups which are made up of volunteers and several of the trustees are actively engaged in these groups. Funded projects may have their own paid project teams. The Ramsgate Festival is nowadays programmed and produced through a paid post of Producer, who is supported by a Project Group (a great team of volunteers). This year we are indebted to:

Aidan Gray, Sue Fletcher, Rebekah Smith, Anne Bentley, Anita Ives, David Jennings, Sue McClymont, Richard Oades, Wendy Rumsey, Suzy Humphries, Janice Gibbs, Megan Garrett-Jones, Becky Wing…..

… and many other volunteers who helped with the technical and practical aspects of putting on the festival, helping all those who come to have a great time.

Ramsgate Arts is interested in finding more trustees to help us take the organisation forward. Please click here to see what is involved and contact

Ramsgate Arts Festival Ltd is a company registered by guarantee 6978161. Our charity registration number is 1150096.