Looping the Loop festival



A group of Thanet-based arts organisations is working in partnership with internationally acclaimed theatre producers Battersea Arts Centre and seven other towns around the UK. Looping the Loop takes place across Thanet, looping together our three main towns (Margate, Broadstairs, Ramsgate) and the practitioners who live here. The project is al about encouraging new audiences for live performance, and for supporting the performers living here in Thanet.

After six years of producing two festivals a year, the programme is now developing it’s ‘new future’. We have a well-established year-round series of work, including a monthly professional meet up (TNT – Theatre Network Thanet), a weekly CPD workshop FLEX, led by practitioners, a way to keep the muscles of mind and body working, and regular performances and events with #MadVentureVan and We Are Nearly Normal – a combination of street theatre, workshops and theatre in our tiny itinerant performance space!

There are shows for all ages, workshops for all levels including professional practitioners, new work from Thanet being shown (developed with your help!) and we continue to support practitioners to get their work in front of an audience.

Go to www.loopingtheloopfestival.org.uk for full details, to join the mailing list and to see plans for new shows. Find out how to get involved, especially if you are or want to be a theatre-maker.

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