Winternights remembered

Winternights 2 November 2014

All images copyright © Keith Williams 2014


by Janette Mary Phethean

Elegantly she lies upon the beach
Dressed in pastel shades of pink, green and blue
Proud in her finery
With her prow thrust forward for all to see.
Surrounded by the protégé’s protectors
Shields ready at her sides
No-one to fear.
Sheltered by her crowd of admirers
From the seaward wind.

Suddenly the Vikings approach
With drums and chants
Undecipherable to our ears
Flowing hair and horned helmets
To lend us fear.

Excitement mounting
We wait in anxious anticipation.
Then, startled by the sudden
Sharpness of loud bangs
And sparks erupting from her belly,
The flames rise up to ignite her bowels.
And we are left in awe and wonder
At this ignoble sight on Thanet’s shore
To contemplate yet another fate of treachery
Upon this grey November day.

JMP. 5/11/14