Meet up and come on board event – Tues 1 December

Ramsgate’s summer festival is growing and changing, reflecting the new sense of energy in our town. The name changed this year to the Ramsgate Festival (from A Summer Squall) to allow it to widen out and become a ‘town’ festival, where different people, organisations and areas of town can do their own thing as part of a big wonderful mix that shows off the best of Ramsgate.

A festival this size needs a whole lot of people to get involved and give a little bit of time to help organise it. We need people to come on board and help with all aspects from admin to contacts and it needs leaders, people who can take a part (which can be small), to make the huge event happen. Without new input, the festival cannot survive and will not take place again, we suspect. Getting involved brings cameraderie, new friends, ownership, a chance to test your ideas and skills and even make your mark (if you want to!) in the town.

DATE/TIME:  Tues 1 December @ 7pm, Churchill Tavern (19-21 Paragon, Ramsgate CT11 9JX)

Drop in, find out more, see if it’s for you. We’d love to meet you. You don’t have to be an arts person, you can be on the creative or organising side of things. The festival can be what you and Ramsgate want to make it.