13 – 15 August, 2009

The idea emerged to use people’s opinions and ideas as the centre of an event and in particular to explore their attitudes to the town itself. It was decided to use film, incorporate the idea of television, and to create an installation or exhibition of people’s views. It was decided that it should be situated in one of the empty shops in the town to attract a wide audience. A design for materials and posters was created free of charge by Ann and Peter Scott of PatrickGeorge, Will Wollen at Theatre Royal Margate recommended Broadstairs-based scenic designer Ben Dickens to create the exhibition itself. Stephen Arkell of Retina Productions offered to make a film and do all the editing to production at a nominal cost, to create the centrepiece of the event.

A 9 foot high image of a TV formed the focal point in the shop, into which a large screen was built to project the film. The shop front and window were transformed to attract attention and create a sharp, impressive entrance to the exhibition.

A set of boards was created within the exhibition space on which visitors posted their own ideas of what they Love: Hate: Hope for Ramsgate. A questionnaire interrogated the profile of visitors, their engagement with the arts as well as their response to Love: Hate: Hope: Ramsgate itself. Over the three days at least 800 people came to see the exhibition and gave their ideas and feedback to the work. The biggest Hate was the dirtiness of the town and the biggest Hope for a better economy and more for people to do. The main Love was the beach and the harbour.

Ramsgate Arts had arrived!

Love Hate Hope Ramsgate