Ramsgate Arts began with a grant of £4250 from Ramsgate Town Council (to produce LOVE: HATE: HOPE: RAMSGATE). We are grateful for the ongoing support of the Town Council, and Thanet District Council, who we have received a grant from each year towards the summer’s Ramsgate Festival.

Supporting the amount of work we produce is precarious and we will be launching a regular giving scheme at the beginning of 2017.

During July 2016 we started a Kickstarter Campaign to help keep the festival running and you were brilliant as we reached our goal and then some! You can see the video we made as part of the campaign below.

If before we launch the regular giving scheme you’d like to donate please press the link below.

Donate now! Tiny amounts add up to help a lot

There are lots of other ways you could help too;

Help research or write applications 

If you have ideas for sponsorship, we’d love to hear from you!

If you are able to donate on a regular basis you could set up a direct debit and make a regular payment. You may not notice £2 a month – but we would.

If you’d like to run or help with a fundraising event, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

Every penny we receive goes directly to events and the artists and facilitators who provide such fantastic enrichment to their audiences. If you can support our work in any way, please do. We can guarantee that you’ll see something magical happening with your contribution. Please contact Suzy Humphries via or 07939 542990

We are lucky to be able to show success and we cut our cloth according to our income, but funding work is a constant battle. Since 2011 we have won a grant each year from Arts Council England, through the National Lottery, towards the Ramsgate Festival. We are currently waiting to hear if we will be successful for this year’s event. Looping the Loop is core-funded by grants via Battersea Arts Centre from Arts Council England, Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, Foyle Foundation, Garfield Weston and Impact. We have to raise our own new funding for the ‘home-grown’ work and any of the big ideas we inevitably come up with.

We adopt a wide approach to funding all the work we produce; much relies on grants and donations, but we are keen to produce earned income (ticket sales, running a bar, selling merchandise) and to look for ways that the work can fund itself (by running paid training or workshops for example). We count on regional companies and organisations for sponsorship or in-kind support.

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