asian sports betting and the potential of asian sports betting

Asian sports betting industries


Betting was a frequent part of everyday life in ancient times, and the activity has its roots in that time. Asian sports betting have been around since the dawn of humanity, as attested to by the numerous allusions to gambling in folktales and legends. In any case, as the game progressed, the locals were the ones placing the bets. On holidays and other special occasions, people would traditionally wager on cockfights bullfighting, and other such contests.

Asian sports betting

A subsequent law, the “Gambling Act 1935,” outlawed gambling; nevertheless, the practice quickly returned when China introduced its lottery. The government then legalized betting on horse races. However, casinos are prevalent in Thailand and other nations due to the enthusiastic support from the local population. Some try to justify it by bringing up the fact that Macau, a Chinese territory, offers more gambling opportunities than Las Vegas.

What is Asian sports betting?

With the relaxation of gambling restrictions in Asian sports betting, more and more people are watching their favorite games online, which means that online sports betting is only going to grow in popularity. Aside from the economics, sports are an integral aspect of every country’s culture. Not even Asia can claim to have a monopoly on market trends and popularity when it comes to certain sports.

The Philippines is one country that has a serious basketball problem. With the help of several local leagues and promotions, basketball culture is therefore being spread throughout the nation. Fans of the beautiful game in Thailand, however, often tune in to see matches from the English Premier League and the Thai League 1.

After legalization, Asia now has all the same options as any other continent in the world for sports betting. For example, football betting markets are particularly robust in football-loving countries like Korea and Japan.

What are the main ways in which Asian sports betting function?

The Asian sports betting industry, like many others, adapted to the changing times by moving online, driven in large part by the pandemic. Asian sports betting are incredibly convenient in Asia, especially for those who use mobile devices.

Placing a wager with an online bookmaker is a breeze. After signing up, all a player has to do is choose a payment method and add funds to their account.

Before going on to the payment methods, most websites will ask for your name and birthday. This is so they can begin processing your deposits. After that, you can look over the bookmaker’s several sports offerings.

The state of the Asian sports betting industries

The Asian sports betting industry is just as rich and popular as those in other countries. The staggering $21 billion Asian sports betting market was valued in 2021.

This trend and success may be attributed, in large part, to nations like South Korea and Singapore, which are significant players in the sports betting industry. The proliferation of bookmaker companies across the continent following the legalization of sports betting was a positive development.

Asian sports betting industries

Considering the global pandemic that happened only a year prior, the 18% expansion of the sports betting sector in late 2021 is astounding. Asian sports betting are expected to continue growing, considering the bettors’ reliance on technology.

Sales in 2022 were $19.5 billion, a little down from the previous year, but projections show that the market will be worth $37.5 billion by 2028. This indicates a rise of 11.39% between 2023 and 2028.

Sports that is popular in Asian for betting

Betting on several famous sporting events in Asia has become a popular pastime for Asian bettors. In addition to the entertaining time you’re in for, there are multiple opportunities to win substantial cash prizes.

Asian bookies accept wagers on the following popular sports:

Disc football

Football, or soccer as it’s known in the West, is a popular sport in countries like Japan, South Korea, and Thailand. Scoring goals and winning a big field are the main points of gameplay in this game.

There is no shortage of football-related tournaments and leagues. One thing to keep in mind is that betting on Asian leagues, like J1 and Thai League 1, is highly popular.

Nonetheless, the appeal of international leagues remains unabated. One example is the English Premier League, a highly popular and lucrative soccer league in the UK that features some of the world’s best players.

Asian bettors are also familiar with footballing greats such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Famous European leagues, such as Ligue 1, are also popular destinations for Asian gamblers interested in trying out different football leagues.


Basketball pales in comparison to other American and European sports when it comes to scope. Basketball, though, has risen to prominence as a top sport and a major moneymaker in recent years, all because of its international superstars.

Despite basketball’s Western prominence especially in the US the sport enjoys immense popularity in Asia as well. In particular, Vietnamese and Filipinos spend a lot of time each day watching and playing basketball.

Fans and bettors in these countries follow their respective leagues every day because basketball is so ingrained in their culture. The famous Philippine Basketball Association is where the best Filipino players play and where their professional careers begin.

On the contrary, the Vietnam Basketball Association is a popular venue for Vietnamese sports enthusiasts and gamblers to enjoy top-notch sporting events. The assumption that Asian basketball fans and bettors are inherently hostile to Western leagues is, as is true with football, completely false.

Thanks to its roster of legendary players, the National Basketball Association is widely considered the pinnacle of professional basketball. The likes of Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, and LeBron James have helped propel the NBA to international fame.

Besides their domestic leagues, Asian markets are certainly capitalizing on the NBA as a lucrative betting destination. This market has only room to grow and thrive as more and more basketball players sign with Asian leagues.

The right way to bet on Asian sports betting: where to do it in Thailand?

Betting is outright forbidden in Thailand, not merely made illegal. You can only gamble on lotteries and horse racing. Nonetheless, there are several websites accessible online where anyone can experience the thrill of online betting, given the widespread popularity of gaming. People in Asia and other parts of the world can use those sites to bet on sports, lotteries, and other games. Still, it’s one of the greatest thanks to the website’s advanced features. In just a few short years, the site has grown into a leading betting destination. The site’s attractiveness stems mostly from the advanced capabilities it offers for online betting. For example, if you phone the customer service line, you can get a membership in fifteen minutes. You will then be ready to bet on the next couple that becomes accessible on our website.

Asian sports betting industries

The potential of Asian sports betting

For example, among the world’s most lucrative markets, the Asian sports betting industry ranks high. There is a wide variety of sports for bettors to choose from, and most of them want to back their favorite teams and players. The sports betting sector has proven in recent years that it is resilient enough to weather major economic storms, such as the pandemic of 2019. Sports betting, without a doubt, will continue to provide its customers with the best experiences in the years to come. The sports betting industry has a lot in store for the years following major events and contests such as the FIFA World Cup.

Sports are an integral aspect of the cultural fabric of every nation, regardless of its economic standing. In Asia, too, some regions are witnessing more powerful market trends and more appeal for some sports compared to others. As more Asians enjoy watching their favorite events without restrictions on gambling, it’s only natural that online Asian sports betting will become more popular there. As far as basketball fans go, the Philippines are among the top nations. The sport of basketball can be enjoyed by many thanks to the abundance of local leagues and events. The Thai League 1 and the English Premier League are both well-known in Bangkok, a country that highly loves football.

Equine racing

In 1776, England hosted the St. Leger, the first-ever recorded horse race. After the first horse race was won, the sport of horse racing quickly gained popularity thanks to the proliferation of several leagues and types of races.

The 1779 Oaks and the 1780 Derby are two of these leagues that were essential in the sport’s subsequent success. While horse racing certainly has more fans in the West, it is the potential profits that pique the curiosity of Asian gamblers.

When it comes to horse races, Japanese traditions differ significantly from their Western counterparts. In Ban’ei, a type of Japanese horse racing, the action is much more exciting and interesting to observe because the horses have to pull a wagon or sled up sand ramps.


Cricket is a wildly popular sport in several Asian countries, including India and Pakistan. Conceptually, it’s completely distinct from baseball, even though players use bats to hit balls.

Their betting sector remains wealthy because of leagues such as the Pakistan Super League and the Indian Premier League. The vast majority of the millions of people who love cricket all across the globe are from Asian sports betting.

The Legality in Asian Sports Betting

Asia currently has the world’s biggest gaming market, even though a number of its primary nations have somewhat complex gambling legislation.

The last decade or two have seen explosive growth in the popularity of online gambling and gaming. Applications for mobile devices have also evolved to mirror these technological shifts.

The regulation of betting in many jurisdictions has been significantly impacted by the rapidly expanding demand.

To keep you engaged, I will try to shed light on the current state of affairs in a few of Asia’s most complex and expansive Asian Sports Betting markets.

Apple Wear

One such place is Macau, which hosts most of China’s land-based gambling and betting operations. Most Chinese travel to Macau to satisfy their gaming cravings. Asian Sports Betting is not Macau’s strong suit, despite the city-state’s extensive casino options.

Bets can only be placed on two sports at this time: basketball and soccer. All ten of these Macau Slots betting outlets are under the authority of the same sports bookie. When it comes to betting on sports, this is far from satisfactory.

Peninsular South Korea

Most forms of gambling are illegal in South Korea, except a few categories of Asian Sports Betting, the lottery, and horse racing, all of which are, of course, regulated by the state. Foreign gaming is also considered criminal activity by South Korean citizens.

Like gamblers in other Asian nations with strict gambling laws, Koreans use specialized betting websites that provide Korean help and easy payment options. The time it takes to deposit funds and withdraw winnings makes using international websites a little more of a pain.

Asian Sports Betting


Online gambling is becoming increasingly popular among Indian citizens, who live in one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. Due to the widespread availability of internet connection, individuals have the opportunity to place bets on both domestic and foreign betting websites.

In India, the only kinds of betting that are officially sanctioned are lotteries and horse races. The majority of internet gaming enterprises are still able to function normally, unconstrained by outmoded regulations. You can be puzzled as to whether or not internet gambling is legal in their country based on their laws.

Internet bets must be made in Rupees per the country’s Foreign Exchange Management Act. However, the reality is that most Indian gamers use e-wallets such as Skrill and PayPal to place their bets. All restrictions about money are removed by this.

The Japanese

Astoundingly, this country recognizes only two forms of legalized gambling: lotteries and horse racing. The majority of Thais visit casinos in neighboring Cambodia, Laos, or Burma to fulfill their gambling cravings. In addition, clients have the option to bet online and then collect their winnings at a physical location.

Websites based in the Philippines or the UK is the most popular among Thai bettors. While they do enjoy playing casino games, their favorite is betting on sports.

Local bookies are more popular in Thailand since deposits are considerably easier to make there.

For user convenience, they have additionally localized their user interface. Online bookies based in the UK, on the other hand, present a more trustworthy and extensive betting selection.


Betting has its roots in ancient Asian sports betting, with locals placing bets on cockfights and bullfighting. Despite the 1935 Gambling Act outlawing, China introduced lottery and horse racing betting. Casinos are prevalent in Thailand and other nations due to local population support, with Macau offering more gambling opportunities than Las Vegas.