Battersea Arts Centre – submissions for Freshly Scratched

As part of our ongoing project with Battersea Arts Centre and the Looping the Loop festivals of live performance, we have been asked if there are theatre-makers who would be interested in submitting experimental work for Freshly Scratched, taking place …

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Winternights Viking celebration

WINTERNIGHTS – a Viking celebration

The Vikings are coming!  VIKING ‘WINTERNIGHTS’ CELEBRATION & HALF TERM ACTIVITIES  28 October – 2 November 2014 Dust off your Viking helmet, shine up your shield and prepare for the Wild Hunt! Winternights marked the beginning of the winter season for …

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Bird by Forward Theatre, Squall 2014

Farewell to the Summer Squall 2014

We had a great time at this year’s Summer Squall! It was a festival packed with action, not only in the entertainment and activities as part of the programme, but in some ‘real-life’ dramas as well, with the weather playing …

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23-25 August 2014

Crowning Glory Revealed

Theresa Smith of Mooch was chosen as the artist to develop a piece of work for Transformational Space, a legacy project for A Summer Squall funded by Arts Council England. Work is currently taking place in the ‘Sally shed’ on …

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George IV crown

Crowning Glory – help artist to create new piece for Ramsgate

Would you like to be part of making an art installation for Ramsgate? Come and help artist Theresa Smith from Mooch create Crowning Glory for the royal harbour. On Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th we need people to help make …

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